About Me

Photo credit: Lauren Goslin, 2018

I graduated from Penn State University in 2013 with a B.S. in Neuroscience. Since then, I’ve worked in the field of neuropsychology in both research and clinical settings, as well as in bioinformatics research. Nowadays, I am primarily focused on growing my career into the IT field and learning about computer science.

In addition to my main career, I spend some time on the side as a science and math tutor helping students on topics like biochemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics, and preparation for standardized tests, like the MCAT and GRE. For all of my students, I stress the importance of learning and studying techniques, test-taking strategies, and metacognition.

In my past, I have also been a guitar instructor (since the age of 16!), a recording artist, live gigging musician, promoter, line cook, pharmacy technician, bookseller, and a bus boy. I grew up in a small mountain town in western Pennsylvania, and have resided in North Carolina since college. I have a cat, Tofu, and a dog, Bowie, who loves to howl/sing along to music.